A Smack of Reality

A Smack of Reality

We all only have this moment, this time right now, ever passing, before I finish this line it is gone. We plan and live as if tomorrow is given, it is not!!! Worry not for tomorrow for the day has enough in it.


We beat ourselves down with worry and struggle. Our egos are inflated to the point of thinking we deserve more , better than what we have. Both ideas corrupt the thinking, the natural flow of life. In a previous blog post we know, “In medio stat virtus.” In the middle, or maybe better said is, in proper perspective.


There are many biblical references that come to mind, to help elaborate on this subject, you can seek those yourselves, as that won’t be shared here now. We have but today in this humanness.


I ask myself sometimes, “who do you think you are?” Depending on where you are in your thoughts, this can go different ways. I am no better than you and you are no better than me. We are, I am. A part of the Divine and part of the whole, we are one. Each has a place, a job to do, but we all come from the source to experience this human life. From a place of ego these thoughts can sound offensive. From a place of Love, we know exactly what they mean. We will have understanding and the strength to endure that in life which will trouble, confound or disrupt the natural flow of peace and Love. The spark of the Divine that is within all life, all of us, will trouble us, or humble us if we are in need to come back from a place that is not good for us.


If we go about the day humbly, doing the best we can with what we have, all will be well. Keep self where it belongs. Acknowledge and let go, let the Divine. This does not mean weak as many may think, especially men, but out of this is great strength, that of a warrior. Sometimes the warrior must come out, but humbly and from a place of Love.


4 thoughts on “A Smack of Reality

  1. Being truly present is a constant struggle for this human condition. It made me remember a poem I wrote when I was 17:

    Now never was
    For now was over then.
    Just a moment in minds.
    A twinkle in space.
    Nothing can be now.
    Now has ended,
    And a new now is beginning,
    And all the nows to be,
    Are extinguished with their being.

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  3. I am so glad there are so many people catching on to what has been written for thousands of years. I lived with the ego for most of my life and still it tries to sneak in on a regular basis. Thank you for your read ..and may stillness stay with you.

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