A Simple Moment

“Watched the sunrise this morning. Haven’t done that for a while. A new appreciation came over me, and in the quiet of my mind I thought, all things are new. Thank you for another day, another chance to think, to see, to feel, to taste, to hear and to smell all that life puts before me. The beauty of the rising Sun and the warmth even as distant as it is. And then I felt the Presence, God was right there with me showing me and telling me these simplest of things and asking me, why do you complicate everything so much? Be happy in these simple treasures and in all other things you will find what has value and what does not. For this morning I realized that the Love and gratitude I felt for what seemed like just a few moments was an eternal and Divine connection that only I drift from while living in this world.” Pg. 41 Layman’s Terms ©Daniel Provost


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