Come From A Place of Love

#04713-Low Sunday – Daniel Provost

After two thousand plus years we continue with what the Lord Jesus “hath willed us” to celebrate and pray, to “do this in remembrance of Me.” Recently in one of the reflections I posted to the internet, we are not forced to believe, the Divine does not force us to believe. We have a free will to do, think as we please, but if we do not believe, to whom will we pray? The Love of the Divine is, well, omniscient-everything.

You know I used to follow this priest(Fr.Corapi), Roman Catholic, on the TV, internet and he did retreats and appearances everywhere. I admired him, related to him and his prior life before the priesthood, but when he talked hellfire and damnation, I would shake my head. Recently I posted something from him that was a real eye opener, “ The greatest sin, or the sin of the century is that we lose the sense of sin.” …………………….
We call it something else to ease the pain of the thought. Ego, self-will run riot. We will be humbled. ………………………………………..He too has experienced this humbling.
Well I will tell you for myself and what mine eyes have seen, my ears have heard and what I truly believe is that everyone sins, period. Recognize it, except it and let it go, let God. Everyone who takes on this robe of flesh does it, they sin. No one is exempt in this human nature. The Divine knows this, and hence, the”lamb was slain”, but hellfire and damnation, not for one minute, would negate the sacrifice, negate the Love of the Lord.

Love, Hope, Peace and Light, absolutely. Here’s the thing, our actions, especially those of a sinful nature, carry a consequence, results and an equal and opposite reaction. Your negativity will be reacted to with positivity and there in, is the conflict, the loss of that peace that passeth understanding. We are not always privy to, or see the result, as it may come in other form or consequence, not at that moment, or at a later time. When we wrong someone, or fail to help someone, there is a consequence guaranteed.

We will make ourselves crazy to think of our own efforts, that we can achieve acting without sin, but we can strive to be of Love and Light, come from a place of Love. By Grace we are saved, that Divine Spark that dwells within us also keeps us connected to the source. He dwells within us, the Living Christ. Working through us, working with us and sometimes in spite of us.
Some of you may think or say, Well I don’t see that in some people! Walk a mile in their moccasins. The Divine does not force us to recognize that which dwells within us or in others. Like the rough edged stone goes down the stream and at some point comes out as a beautiful polished stone. We too through our lives are tried and tested, we may come to an understanding of this now or later in another time. Have you not seen or experienced, been stunned or amazed that through someone, who by appearance would never be obvious, may even seem sick or wicked or dirty, and through them the Grace of God works something wonderful even miraculous?

1Timothy 3:16
“God was manifest in the flesh (Jesus), justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into Glory.”

May the Love and Light of the Lord fill your hearts, your minds and souls in these moments we share together, through the course of this day and always.
May your hearts be opened to channel unto others this Love and Light of the Living Christ. Amen.


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