Renewal of Heart – Change

“When one door closes another opens, but man it can be really dark in the hallway.” I recently saw this on social media and it really resonated with me personally. I thought how it all revolves around change and our acceptance of it or the pain of our resistance to it. The chaos that can sometimes surround it or the ease of a peaceful transition.

Trusting in the natural flow, in our intuition, in our faith is really required in change and that in turn creates an aura of vulnerability. Who wants to subject themselves to that?
Life is continuous action, everything is constantly moving and if we are not participating in that, more than likely it is because we are resisting something. Putting ourselves “out there” in the movement, is the greatest place of this vulnerability. This is life. There are many who have the ability, means or resources to shelter themselves in a place of comfort, a “comfort zone”, but change will come to all regardless, as it is inevitable. The majority though, do not have those options and must adjust in each moment, hour, day or whatever is required. Some must be concerned just with survival and where they will lay their head in the coming night.

We see in the media, in our government in the world how so much is caught up in the negativity of things and we lose sight of the beauty that is all around us. In the simplest of things to the grandest. “Where your heart is, there you are.” “When one of us suffers, we all suffer.” Yes, here is where the power of Love comes into play.

I write, post and share constantly of this “Power of Love.” For the most part the response that comes from it is from the female persuasion. In this discovery I believe I have been given a gift that I have tried to share but is not recognized and that is that they have an ability greater than men to deal with change, even courageous and fearless, with renewal of heart. I know I can’t make this as a blanket statement but in my own discovery this has been almost undeniable. Intimacy and commitment are causes to some extent, sometimes deception to acquire a means, but for the most part intimacy and commitment. Showing someone who we truly are absolutely opens us to vulnerability. This is also a roadblock to change. We easily become creatures of habit, especially as we age and become, “set in our ways.” I know this, as I myself, experience what I share here.

“AMOR VINCIT OMNIA” Love conquers all. Whether change be good, bad or indifferent, coming from a place of Love, the vulnerability becomes ability, chaos becomes peace and resistance becomes acceptance. A renewal of heart means change and should it come to you now, tomorrow or whenever, may you know then the “Power of Love.” ©danielprovost


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