For the love of………

“Body, spirit and soul.”
“In our society it would be best we have a source of income for survival. In our human condition, our bodies, we have basic needs that have to be met. From a common sense standpoint, we’ll assume, we can continue under the idea that you know for yourself what these are. Now for the other two.

There are many who will tell you the differences of the soul and the spirit. Each claiming theirs is the correct one. It is quite amusing to sit back for a moment and think how there is always contradiction, challenge to each others perspectives, doubting and inability to just believe, just “be’. In our humanness we complicate everything. The soul is the spiritual component of your physical essence. The joint connection of you(soul), the Divine Spark(spirit) that dwells within you(body). Body, soul and spirit, three in your oneness. We’ll put aside this discussion for now, but when we come back to it, we will continue from a loving stance of comparison and unity. You will see much clearer then and find understanding in the simplicity.

You should stand back for a moment now. Clear your mind of thought, (sense) and get quiet with yourself. Listen(sense) to what is within you and taste(sense)the reality of truth. In organized religion, whether you belong to a church, synagogue or mosque, they have teachings, dogmas or belief systems, but you walk your own path. No one else wears your moccasins. When you are amongst your brethren, you profess to believe this way or that way, as they teach, but when you walk away, it begins. What begins? I asked myself that when I typed the question. It is your life. Pretty simple when said like that. One day you believe what you are taught, what people have led you to believe and during your walk through life of trials and tribulations, you find truths that contradict. They challenge your perspectives, contest your beliefs and even sometimes, show them to be questionable or even false. Head spinning, where do you turn? It is your life! The point is, you decide for yourself what you believe and how you conduct yourself along the way.

Centered in Love, you will see, it is your life, know that, know your senses and truths will be revealed naturally. When this ball starts rolling the enthusiasm is powerful and drives you forward. You see at the top of this page we started with, “For the love of…”. This is the driving force. What motivates you to hug, to kiss, to help, to care, to do what brings you joy or to do what brings others joy. I would hope the answer is obvious to you now. The power of LOVE. The power of love is insurmountable, for it is DIVINE. Love is the driving force that underlies the energy of all of life. It is the force of all creation. Love is God. God is Love. As I always said before, and to finish the statement, “For The Love Of God”.” “Layman’s Terms” Rev. Daniel Provost


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